Monitor suspicious activities
in your supply chain.

Improve your targeting through crowdsourced field investigation
on counterfeit and grey markets.

What is AllVirtuous?

AllVirtuous is an on-demand investigation software platform designed to help multinational brands monitor suspicious activities in the supply chain. We achieve this through improved targeting from crowdsourced field investigation of counterfeit and grey markets.

The Challenges Faced by Multinational Brands

  • Targeting elusive counterfeit or grey market suppliers can be expensive
  • Loss or cannibalization of sales as counterfeit or grey market products take market share
  • Lack of enforcement seizures due to poor evidence collection

How AllVirtuous Works

  • Intelligence is gathered through the AllVirtuous mobile app by crowdsourced investigators who send real-time alerts 
  • Data is compiled into a "V-Score" vulnerability rating, using our proprietary technology
  • Detailed reports with geolocation, images and evidence are generated and posted to a dashboard for action
  • Investigations can be conducted simultaneously in multiple cities or countries

The Benefits of Using AllVirtuous

Increase your investigation reach

Using AllVirtuous mobile app, a global network of crowdsourced field investigators is enabled to collect vital evidence of counterfeit and grey market products amongst suppliers and distributors. Armed with the app and a set of requirements that have been identified during an extensive preliminary discovery process, the investigators visit distributors to collect data.

Focus on the right targets

Information, such as images, prices and geolocation, collected during investigations, is available in real-time on a secure dashboard where brand owners can monitor trends over time and develop strategies based on our V-Score vulnerability rating. The reports are are easy to download or integrate into other platforms for sharing with members of your team.

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